DiPP-R is a transportation solution developed and designed with a goods centric approach to create cost efficient
e-commerce logistics and last-mile-delivery.


Each year, thousands of accidents related to falling when handling goods on or with a tailgate lift are reported. All too many leads to sick leaves longer than 4 months, invalidity and even fatality.

DiPP-R can lift and lower the entire cargo box which eliminates the risk from falling from height when handling goods. This also saves knees and joints since goods is handled on ground level or in level with a loading bay.



The ability to automatically separate the cargo box from the vehicle enables preloading of cargo boxes. This saves 30-60 minutes turn around time each time the delivery vehicle arrives at the terminal since swapping cargo boxes takes 2 minutes.

One turn around at the terminal per day means a full month of dead time during a year. Per vehicle....


Our innovative battery solution turns an e-LCV into a delivery vehicle that never has to stop for charging. The battery solution also makes it possible to deliver entire cargo boxes to unmanned delivery points. This means it can deliver at night and when the personnel arrives in the morning, they do goods receive and unload the cargo box.

When the cargo box is empty it can be filled with packaging material, pallets, returns, defects, shipments and everything else that is going back to the terminal, freeing up valuable commercial floor space.



DiPP-R is a 3,5 tonnes delivery vehicle that can take a payload of 1 200 kgs, 14 kbm or 6/12 pallets. Adding it's features, unlimited range that never has to stop for charging, loading or unloading and the ability to make deliveries to unmanned delivery points 24/7 turns it into a beast when it comes to total capacity. Calculations made by researchers at the University of Lund using a city the size of Malmoe gives the following:

Volume / day: 388 kbm

Pallets / day: 96 pcs

Payload / day: 29 tonnes

This makes DIPP-R cost efficient which can accelerate our quest to reach zero tail pipe emission from the transportation industry sooner.

If your are interested to learn more about DiPP-R and how it can transform your business, hit the button. Our engagement model is straight forward and doesn't require much commitment other than your curiosity and willingness to explore new logistic flows for e-commerce and last-mile-delivery.