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DiPP-R is making cities sustainable and livable by providing a sustainable, cost-efficient and scalable last-mile delivery service. 

For OUR and FUTURE generations​

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Some stats:

53% of total shipping cost occurs in the final leg, last-mile delivery

60% of the last-mile delivery cost is the cost for the driver

70% of the customers chooses the cheapest shipping alternative

The DiPPER last-mile delivery system reduces the last-mile delivery cost per parcel with more than 50% 



The ability to separate the load carrier from the vehicle enables moving all activities handling parcels to the city hub. Removing driver involvement handling parcels, saves more than 4 hours of stop time per day which have a significant impact on the utilization on both driver and the vehicle.


The system is also using a hub & spoke scheme instead of delivering on a route which increases the capacity with upto 20x compared to the system in place today.

The result is a cost-efficient last mile delivery system which can scale with the increasing demand using fewer vehicles and less vehicle movements.


Our innovative power management system turns DiPPER LMD into a system that never has to stop for charging. Or loading or unloading.

This enables continuous operation 24/7 and 20 times more capacity than what is achievable in the existing last-mile delivery system.

Continuous operation, no stop time for loading, unloading nor charging and deployed in a hub & spoke delivery scheme is the secret behind the DiPPER LMD's ability to ship upto 20 times more volume than the existing last-mile delivery system.  And still bring the parcel within walking distance from the end-customer.


The huge capacity of the DiPPER LMD system also reduces the number of vehicles required with 80% reduction of vehicle movements in residential areas as a result.

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The mobile micro hubs can be configured to match the demand and since there is no driver involvement, the system is equally efficient moving goods out of the city as it is moving goods into the city. This feature is used for disposal of recyclable packaging material which not only add service points for disposal, increasing the amount of collected recyclable material, but also reduces vehicle movements from waste trucks.

If your are interested to learn more about DiPPER and how it can transform your business, hit the button. Our engagement model is straight forward and doesn't require much commitment other than your curiosity and willingness to explore new logistic flows for e-commerce and last-mile-delivery.

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e-commerce and urbanization are driving an increase in demand for transportation services while at the same time the transportation industry is facing regulations to cut emissions and interventions from cities limiting traffic. The need for a new type last-mile delivery system that can disrupt the existing system for e-commerce logistics has never been more pressing and the timing for DiPPER couldn't be better.

In May 2020 we filed our patent application for an electric power system and power management system for an electric powered vehicle with a battery in a cargo box, a solution the transportation industry call a Game Changer.

We call it DiPPER.

DiPP-R was founded as a spin off from Smarter Mobility.

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