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The driver represents 60-90% of the cost in last-mile delivery

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DiPPER eliminate all driver involvement handling parcels.

Driver capacity in the DiPPER system

12 000

parcels/day, including returns

+ 1-2 ton of packaging material

Driver capacity in the conventional system



The Game Changer: Products
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This enables a
delivery system

Parcel lockers are filled with parcels at the city hub and transported to a delivery point.

At the delivery point the filled parcel locker is unloaded and the parcel locker delivered earlier, which is now filled with costumer returns and packaging material, is picked up and returned to the city hub.

and reversed logistics

Addressing all stakeholders challenges


Cost Per Parcel


Last Mile Traffic


CO2 Emission

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If your are interested to learn more about DiPPER and how it can transform your business, hit the button. Our engagement model is straight forward and doesn't require much commitment other than your curiosity and willingness to explore new logistic flows for e-commerce and last-mile-delivery.

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