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DiPP-R is the holistic approach to urban transportation

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Since the early 1900's we have seen how the vehicle has evolved to a state where we now starts to question who is best fit to drive it. You, me or computers? Even what has been the ultimate sign of freedom, possessing a car that can take us anywhere when ever we choose, is being challenged with Mobility as a Service and other models for sharing.

But if we take a close look at the delivery vehicle it look's basically exactly the same as it did when it was powered by a horse or two. Behind the cabin, not much has changed.

What we did was to have a look at the fundamental design of a delivery vehicle and asked ourselves, what happen's if we remove the rear axle and integrate lifting capabilities to the vehicle?

Well, for starters, DIPP-R can lower the cargo compartment flat to the ground and raise it to loading cay height eliminating fall accidents from tail gate lifts.

It is also possible to separate the cargo compartment from the vehicle which eliminates time for loading and unloading since the cargo compartment can be filled without having the driver or the vehicle being stationary which makes DiPP-R much more efficient since the turn around time at the terminal is two minutes instead of 30-60 minutes.

Instead of filling vehicles and trucks with goods the cargo box is placed outside which also improves efficiency inside the terminal. Floor space can be better utilized and the terminal isn't depending on vehicles being parked to be filled.

But the true game changer is DiPP-R's battery solution which turns a delivery vehicle into a perpetuum mobile which never has to be stationary for charging, loading or unloading. Fresh supply of power each time it pick up a cargo box.

This makes DiPP-R different from all the rest. DiPP-R is designed with a goods centric approach rather from a driver's perspective. It is a holistic approach for:

- safer working condition

- more efficient handling of goods

- higher capacity

- less traffic in the cities

- operates 24/7 in constant movement

DiPP-R is a generic vehicle and its purpose depends on what it pick up. A passenger cabin, a transportation cabin for patiences, recycling containers to name a few....

And yes, it is electric...

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